We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.

AGL-Motion is a movement, to start you to move to the beat of your heart, your own music, your own heritage and  express your own grace.  Join us in developing and practicing what you love best - your own agility in motion.

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AGL Motion Events

Dance therapy for adults and seniors

ALG-Motion LLC is proud to collaborate with a leading Mid-Atlantic folk dance company, The Four Seasons Dancers, to deliver dance therapy for adults and seniors. The Company will perform three shows supported by AGL-Motion LLC:

• November 6 at the Shady Grove Rehabilitation Center;

• December 8, Leisure World;

• December 31, to be confirmed.

AGL-Motion Blog

How many times have you heard various recipes for how to age gracefully? Plenty? Could you tolerate one more? 

Well, before I list all the ingredients in my recipe (only 2), how to mix them (many different options), and what tools to use (only 1), I would like to offer you a brief summary of my thoughts and deliberations on the topic of age and aging.  It’s an absolute blessing to get older because that simply means that we have more years, days, and minutes at our disposal.  Would you agree that in order to use them in a way that makes us happy we do need to be AGiLe physically and mentally?  If we are AGiLe and able to live our life the way we want, who would care how old we are! The life has its end, and people are mortal and can die at any age. So, let’s stop fretting about aging. We can’t live endlessly but we can live AGeLessly!

I’ve concocted my own recipe to achieve the state of AGiLity and AGeLesness by putting simultaneously our body and our mind in motion. I am naming the concoction: Le*Move. You will see very soon what’s in the name. First and foremost, it’s all about dance! If you enjoy dancing, and trust me it doesn’t matter whether you have taken any dancing classes in your life or whether you think you cannot dance, I guarantee that you will fall in love with Le*Move!

Young Ballet2.jpg

Le*Move is about having an exceptionally good time while dancing and learning different steps, as well as hand, arm, and head moves from 30 different dancing cultures of the world.  Never boring, always exhilarating! Le*Move will help tone your muscles and improve your posture while bringing the dances of the world to you and you into the world of dance!  

So let’s go through a very simple but potent recipe of Le*Move. As I mentioned earlier, we would need the following:

  • Two ingredients: your willingness to learn and your desire to move

  • One tool: the AGL drive. What is it? The AGL drive is an innovative info-dancing system that lets you combine a sequence of 10 basic steps, influenced by ballet, and 10 dancing moves from a specific single dancing culture, or 5 steps each from two dancing cultures. The AGL drive provides also information and resources about related country-specific traditions and customs.

  • Mixing options: endless, which allows you to customize Le*Move to your interests, goals, and desires.

We hear it here and there, from researchers and medical practitioners that our body and mind need to be in constant motion in order to prevent them from getting rusty. Running, walking, counting steps, taking Zumba classes, lifting weights, etc. help us to be physically fit. If you do any of those that’s wonderful! But are you getting bored sometimes doing all of that again, and again, and again?

Maintaining mental fitness can be achieved by learning new languages or acquiring new habits. Do you have time for that? Also, learning something new at work, and learning often, helps a great deal. But what if your work includes repetitive tasks, or you have been doing it for a while, and there is not much to learn? Taking yoga, mindfulness exercises, TM have restorative properties, but do they really make our brains move? How fun are those activities, anyway?


Le*Move, which means as you probably have already guessed, Learn and Move, may become your way to live fully and have tons of good times along the way!